Food Talk

Rolling the dice with regenerative farming?

Our Executive Director, Dan Crossley, reflects on the latest Food Talks

Dan Crossley
25 Apr 2024

What needs to change in UK dairy?

Our final Dairy Project report includes key recommendations for everyone in the sector to support fairer, more ethical dairy.

11 Jan 2024

Reasons for optimism: Food Ethics Council at Groundswell 2022

Here are some of our (positive) takeaways from this year’s Groundswell, including our session on what farmers feel optimistic about

Food Ethics Council
28 Jun 2022

Celebrating new legislation – sentience matters

Why farmed animal welfare should be a cornerstone of ethical food approaches, from Exec Director, Dan Crossley

Dan Crossley
26 Apr 2022

Time for consistent, higher dairy standards

Our Exec Director, Dan Crossley, calls for consistent, higher standards across all dairy products in his latest column for the Grocer

Dan Crossley
28 Oct 2021

Milk is precious

Our Exec Director's column in the Grocer calls for progressive dairy farmers to be put at the centre of driving more ethical dairy systems.

Dan Crossley
9 Apr 2021

Eating carbon is going out of fashion

Our Exec Director's new column in the Grocer considers how an ethical approach helps food companies address the climate emergency

Dan Crossley
17 Feb 2021

“Lucky to be in food”: The Butchers Going the Extra Mile

How will public attitude shifts to high quality meat observed by butcher/ private abattoir, Edge and Son, unfold in the long run?

26 Nov 2020