This page features publications, reports and media produced by the Food Ethics Council, on topics ranging from sustainable diets, to food citizenship and the future of food and farming.

Explore our flagship publications and policy responses to understand more about our work and how we implement an ethical approach to food policy, and read our Business Forum reports to learn more about critical issues and core concerns for the food industry.

Here you’ll also find useful tools to help you navigate the world of food ethics, whether you’re an individual, a small business or a larger organisation looking for ways to address your ethical concerns.

‘From greenwash to greenhush’ Business Forum report

‘Dairy Demands’ Business Forum Report

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Food Ethics Council Impact Report 2022

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‘Crunch Time’ Business Forum Report

Business Forum report

Responding to the GCA review

Policy response

The government is considering doing away with the Groceries Code Adjudicator role. This would be a grave mistake.

The rise and rise of food banks: the Food Ethics Council’s APPG response

Call to revise Genetic Technologies Bill

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