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The Food Ethics Council is a charity that provides independent advice on the ethics of food and farming. Our aim is to create a food system that is fair and healthy for people, animals and the environment.

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Food on the agenda?

Food on the agenda?

Which food and farming issues will be on the agenda in 2015?

A recipe for food and farming success

A recipe for food and farming success

Add a sprinkling of Square Meal panellists to a full house of farmers and sustainable food champions, stir gently, simmer, and then bring to the boil.

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Encouraging signs (although nothing set in stone yet) >> Gov't set to give GCA more power to fine supermarkets...
RT @SqrMeal: This am's discussion exploring what should a new gov't do to a address these issues? What are blockages? What's missing from S…
RT @SqrMeal: Comment from audience: "We need to draw in those who disagree.We need to harness city/local level action rather than waiting 4…
RT @SqrMeal: Speaker from audience: "Issues like obesity are not overnight issue - it's 1 chocolate cake at a time!"

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Our Business Forum provides an opportunity to learn about ethical questions around climate change, obesity and other core concerns for the food industry, why not get involved and join? Visit our Business Forum page to find out more.