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The Food Ethics Council is a charity that provides independent advice on the ethics of food and farming. Our aim is to create a food system that is fair and healthy for people, animals and the environment.

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Sustainable Food Supply Chains Commission

Sustainable Food Supply Chains Commission

Dan Crossley on what motivated the Food Ethics Council to get involved in the Sustainable Food Supply Chains Commission.

Climate change: Insights from Tanzania

Climate change: Insights from Tanzania

The global response to climate change is in the spotlight with September's one-day summit at the UN in New York. We asked guest blogger Carly Griggs to  explain what life is like for farmers at the sharp end of climate change.

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@EnviroChatUK Afraid I have to duck out. Thanks for another interesting #envirochatuk Look forward to the next one!
RT @Octofish: Q3 yes we need 2 change Ill health caused by bad diets now problem on a par with smoking, cost NHS £6 billion a year, #enviro…
Q3: YES! We all need to have healthy, sustainable diets (incl eating our fair share of meat). Again needs collective action! #EnviroChatUK
Q2: We ALL need to come together to ensure #foodsecurity - biz, gov't, civil society... No 1 person or group can do it alone! #envirochatuk

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Our Business Forum provides an opportunity to learn about ethical questions around climate change, obesity and other core concerns for the food industry, why not get involved and join? Visit our Business Forum page to find out more.
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